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    Reasons to advertise on VTVcab:

    1. Reaching understanding customer groups, higher income, greater consumer demand.

    2. Investments in key areas, large economic effect. Audience focused on creating business opportunities for choosing the most appropriate program for their products.

    3. Diversity Services: Booking, sponsors, advertising mix, introducing product features, product consultant use, referral business, television sales, event coordination, business Value-added services, manufacturing gameshow. Ready co-production program under the requirements of customers ...

    4. The flexible mechanisms: Derived from the VTV autonomy in operations and financial mechanisms, Vietnam Cable Television is and will be flexible cooperation mechanisms to meet at highest needs of customers to create greater efficiency in investment cooperation for this kind of advertising and cable television services in Vietnam VTVcab.

    5. Advertising opportunities on foreign channels: CNN, Discovery, Cartoon Network, ...

    6. Diverse Vietnamese channels, intensive program with rich, attractive.

    7. Preferential policies for new customers, regular customers, high customer turnover.

    8. Enthusiastic staff, creative, professional

    Direction of development on Pay-TV Advertising:

      - Focus on production and cooperation, build channels specialized programs with compelling content, with particular emphasis on due VTVcab production channels such as VTVcab 3 - Sports TV, VTVcab 8 - BiBi, VTVcab 16 - Football TV, .....; the movie channel attracts viewers: VTVcab 2 - Video Vietnam, VTVcab 7 - D Dramas.

      - Develop pricing policies and cooperation mechanisms to meet all customers interested audience cuaVTVcab

    The program is broadcast on Channel Cable Television Vietnam (click here)

    (Note: Frames channels now broadcast tubers may change, please contact the advertising department for updates on Pay TV broadcast)

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