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    Vietnam Cable Television VTVcab the strength of CATV services - constant collaboration with strategic partners in the implementation of nationwide cable network to rapidly gain market share and market development.

    From 2008 to present, promoting VTVcab intensified cooperation, joint ventures, associated to the cable network present in over 50 provinces, covering all cities, urban areas, towns, townships, densely population according to plan ... put in parallel with the integration and implementation of value-added services on the network.

    In order to maintain brand reputation Vietnam Cable Television VTVcab, besides attractive program content, the lower the price of the service to ensure quality of service is of utmost importance. Therefore, along with the use of high quality equipment, VTVcab regular security checks to ensure that the network cable connection in the best condition, the signal is clear.

    As soon as the customer warranty claims, maintenance, VTVcab will respond in the shortest time for customers to be completely satisfied with the service we provide.

    VTVcab package currently offers channels of genre diversity: synthesis, news, sports, movies, entertainment ... with high quality to meet the demands of television viewing audiences water.

    To date, Vietnam Television Cable is deploying efforts to digitize cable television system, expected 2015 completion of the process of digitization in Hanoi. When digitizing process will be more successful channels package high quality suit conditions and preferences of each different object, especially for family members, as well slogans actions voice of Vietnam cable Television VTVcab - "Mounting family".

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