• Internet Provider

    VTVnet is totally new internet service on Vietnam Cable network television, high speed access to the most current, superior technology compared to conventional forms of internet, low cost services to meet the needs and connections and online entertainment.

    VTVnet uses completely new technology, technology CMTS DOCSIS 3.0 standard EURO. CMTS Technology Upload and download speeds are very fast data (40/40Mbps max), much higher than current ADSL technology (8Mbps/768Kbps).

    CMTS technology platform enables bandwidth of maximum expansion VTVnet serve value-added services such as surveillance IP Camera, Video Conference and the Technology Smart Building, Smart Home towards a fully digitized future area for family and office. Due to the common use infrastructure cable TV monthly fees of VTVnet should be minimized, significant cost savings to customers every month and installation is quick VTVnet also convenient because not pull rope more new, do not affect the urban landscape.

    The cooperation between Vietnam Cable Television - with strong technical infrastructure, leading coverage (over 54 provinces, more than 2 million pay-TV subscribers), the quality of signal stability, internal rich content and unique strengths of CMC Telecom, telecommunications services, information technologies towards integrated multi-service marked a significant step in the development strategy of both parties. This is the convergence of telecommunications television - the inevitable trend of the modern pay-TV.

      Thus, only one signaling pathway, customers can just watch cable TV, HD TV, but you can also use high-speed internet, integrating many other value-added services. With the comprehensive utility, VTVnet will definitely meet fully the needs and values ​​of all the information online customers.

    Currently, VTVnet will offer customers in the area of ​​Hanoi and the provinces to expand nationally in the near future. Occasion, VTVnet introduced many packages to customer service with preferential price and totally free installation costs and equipment.