• General Information


    Vienam Television Cable Corporation – The only pay TV provider directly under VTV with 100% equity of Vietnam Television, Vietnam’s # 1 provider of pay tv providers

    O­fficial name: Vietnam Television Cable Corporation Limited Company

    Abbreviation: Vietnam Television Cable Corporation

    Brand Name: Vietnam Television Cable - VTVcab

    1. The main areas of activity:

    Business services pay television, telecommunications (satellite digital TV DTH, CATV, IPTV interactive TV ...)

    Research development and application of advanced technologies in the field of pay television, media and information technology.

    Production of business equipment and television broadcasting, communications, Internet on television transmission system pay.

    Management broadcasting programs on pay TV DTH cable systems and telecommunications serve the needs of information and entertainment of the people.

    Business, buying and selling exchange copyrighted television programs at home and abroad. Import and export business and provide cultural products, film and television as prescribed by law.

    Business value-added services on network TV: video on demand, interactive TV, TV shopping.

    Providing Internet access services (ISP) on the cable network, and telecommunications.

    Design consultancy, building center network television receiver.

    Investment Advisory construction of radio, television, game shows, Vietnamese TV channels broadcast on pay television system THVN under license by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

    Production of promotional programs; providing advertising services, radio broadcast on television, on the Internet and telecommunications networks in the country, and international media on the other mass.

    Production of pay television programs.

    Other fields in accordance with law.


    2. Vision brand:

    - Become essential services in every Vietnamese family life

    - A friend always with audience

    3. Principle business / brand core values​​:

    Satisfying demand for pay-TV services and value-added services of every audience, every customer;

    Being very creative place and show passion, respect where contributions of individuals to accumulate create sustainable value for VTVcab;

      Always a great partner, reliable and full of potential for all suppliers, distributors TV services - telecommunications in the country;

    Increasingly important contribution to the growth of Vietnam Television, in the development of pay-TV industry in Vietnam, bringing practical utility to the society;

    4. Development orientation:

    - Become a pay TV provider in Vietnam 1

    - Continue to expand the coverage of cable TV

    - Constantly increasing number of branch offices and VTVcab

    - Vietnam's diversity of business types THTT services

    - Commitment to television rights, production and owns the best quality channels THTT Vietnam

    - Growth and outstanding customer audience VTVcab

    - Commitment to customer service, because customers VTVcab