• VTVcab ties up with Samsung, SmarDTV to offer iDTV option

    29 Tháng Bảy 2015

    Vietnam Cable Television (VTVcab) is working with Kudelski's SmarDTV and Samsung to offer subscribers an alternative way of receiving digital TV signals using an integrated Digital Television (iDTV).

    VTVcab subscribers can enjoy pay-TV content directly on their new Samsung DVB-C iDTV by using the newly developed CI Plus Instant Access conditional access module (CAM) instead of a set-top box.

    "We hugely appreciate the trust and support shown by VTVcab to promote and deploy our CAM solution. SmarDTV Instant Access modules ensure that channels are directly accessible on integrated Digital Televisions (iDTVs) using one single TV remote control and that neither extra cables nor additional power is required," said Gregory Laloy, APAC Sales Director, SmarDTV.

    "We are delighted also to partner with Samsung to promote this product which has been highly successful in enabling analogue to digital migration in the Europe market."

    Nam Bui, CTO, VTVcab, added: "VTVcab is pleased to work with Samsung and SmarDTV, two world leaders in the Digital TV industry. Using this integrated digital TV + CAM combination gives us more flexibility to promote our attractive content in high definition (HD) and future 4K compression".

    Customers buying a Samsung DVB-C iDTV Model J5520 will get a voucher entitling them to a VTVcab CAM containing a smartcard and a free six-month subscription to the HD package. When installed, this will provide them instant access to VTVcab services.