• Promotion of HD service in Hochiminh city

    20 Tháng Ba 2015

    Vietnam Cable Television is pleased to announce:


    From March 20th  to the end of April, 30th 2015, Vietnam Cable Television has been deploying the promotion program of HD television services in the areas of Ho Chi Minh City (not including the Condominium project).

    I. For customers

    - Customers are households

    II. Program Content

    1. Customers using new installation cable and conversion services

    - Free of installation service

    - Free of conversion service

    -  equip customers with HD set top box

     - discount 50% off the total actually arising costs of materials basing on current costs of the Corporation (including installation materials for the 2nd ,3rd  ,4th ,5th  TV)

    Conditions apply:

    - Applies to customers who have cable services installed newly and conversed.  

    - Do not apply to cases such as customers are using services of VTVcab, then  cancelling service in order to install new service during promotions.

    - Customers paid in advance at least 3 months subscription fee to use HD Channel Package

    - Customers sign in Memorandum of Agreement to use servies of VTVcab for constant 24 months

    - If customers cancel the service before the time commitment,  fee shall be recovered 200.000 equipment/kit.

    2. Paying in advance HD Channel Package fee

    The number of pre-paid month of subscription Channel HD package

    Receiving Đai Viet beer

     ( Buckets)

    Receiving TH True Milk



    06 cases



    01 bucket



    02 bucket


    3. Customer converting services:

    - Customers are using other pay-TV services and pre-paid subscription fees when moving to use the SD and HD services of VTVcab shall be kept integer number of months left to switch to the HD channel package, but does not include the promoted month from the previous service provider.

    4. Customers are using HD

    The number of pre-pay monthly subscription


    Give TH True Milk Milk (buckets)







    III. Internet Services

    1. Customers using private Internet Packages

    - Do not apply during the promotion period

    2. Customers using full service package

    - Apply for New installation, conversion services and customers are using the service package with the conditions specified in Section II.

    The number of pre-paid month of full package subscription fee


    Give TH True Milk Milk (buckets)







    For more information please contact phone number 19001515

    Or address: No.18, Lan Huynh Khanh, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM