• Promotion program for newly- installed cable television in Ha Noi

    19 Tháng Ba 2015

    From March, 10th 2015 to April, 20th 2015, Vietnam Television Cable VTVcab has been deploying the promotion program for customers who have cable television newly installed in Ha noi.



    1. Customers who has new cable TV services installation.

    - The program applies to household customers who are fitting new cable TV service.

    - No roaming charge cable TV services (110,000 VNĐ). Fee of installation materials is collected under the current provisions of VTVcab.

    - Do not apply to a number of condominiums, urban areas as follows.

    2. Customers who pre-pay subscription fee enjoy the following privileges:

    Total month of subscription fee customers prepaid

    Total month of free subscription fee customers can enjoy

    From 03 months to under 06 months


    01 month


    From 06 months to under 12 months


    03 months

    From 12 months


    04 months




    - No charge subscription fee for the 2nd and 3th TV

    - Promotion applies once only to customers pre- pay the subscription fee

    - For Residential, Urban as follows: Not applicable roaming free, but customers can still enjoy what is said in Section 2 when pre-pay for subscription  fee of television services.

    For more information, please contact the call center 19001515.